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What was the cause of mortgage rates jumping up the last two days?

The Fed did not cut or increase any benchmark interest rate but rates jumped up a bit in the last two days. Anyone looking at the Fed Funds rate (or any rate set by the FOMC) or the 10 year Treasury for guidance on mortgage rates is uninformed. The Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) market […]

Energy Saving = Money Saving and higher property values: Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvements are often thought of as a way increase one’s property value. And they are. A “green” home will fetch considerably more on the resale market than the exact same home next door without the energy efficient improvements. There are even loans for homes in Roseville specifically for energy efficient improvements. Here in Roseville […]

This stuff still happens…

Lender Sues Sacramento Fraud Fugitives for $8 Million

Roseville Loan Expert ~ Greg

Interest Rates!!!!! (loans in Roseville and beyond have hit the lowest in history as of today!!!)

What’s that old idiom? “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth?” The is for loans in Roseville, Sacramento, and beyond…

For anyone thinking about refinancing or still sitting on the fence with their lender on a rate lock now is a really good time to look into locking. We’re looking at THE BEST conventional […]

Loan Mods / Modification of loans

If you’re like everyone else you can’t get away from the incessant talk and advertising about loan modifications. The onslaught of offers to modify mortgage loans is not just limited to Sacramento or Roseville either, this is everywhere. And much of what we hear sounds too good to be true, but is it?

Modifying loans […]

Earth Day

Nothing about loans in Roseville for this post but, HAPPY EARTH DAY! It’s actually tomorrow (4.22.09) but just in case I don’t blog tomorrow….

Renting in or around Roseville?

Buying a home vs. renting is a big decision that takes careful consideration, as most mortgage consultants will agree. But the rewards of home ownership are great. For many years, purchasing real estate has been considered an extremely profitable investment. It is an achievement that offers a sense of pride, […]

Hello world! (Loans Roseville)

Welcom back to Roseville Loan Expert, the place to come for all things loans Roseville. I have been trying and trying to get the old blog back but it seems like all the info is lost.

It’s OK, we’ll start brand new from today!!!!!