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Seems like they’re finally starting to understand (I’ve been telling Roseville Mortgage clients “it’s time” for months).

Is no money down / 100% financing coming back to Roseville?

Big news! As I mentioned last week this was a possibility and about the be a reality. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) says first time home buyers can apply the new $8,000 tax credit toward the down payment of their home when obtaining the home with an FHA loan. For the median home price of […]

According to the data, homes are more affordable today than ever before!

To measure the affordability of home-ownership the NAR uses their Affordability Index. This is the main source of this information in the industry. This index is calculated by dividing the lowest amount of income needed to make the monthly payments on a median U.S. home by the median income of an American household. […]

Bonds rebound slightly…

Even though the stock market is up today, over 100 points on the Dow, bonds improved as of closing as well. Treasuries made up nearly half of yesterday’s (Black Wednesday) losses and Mortgage Backed Securities tried to follow suit but couldn’t muster quite the same rally. That being said there are signs on hope that […]

Today is Black Wednesday for the seconday mortgage market…

Today we have seen the entire bond market take a huge hit. Mortgage Backed Securities and Treasuries are way down, and I mean WAAAAAYYYYYY down. We’ve seen the market off by 2 full basis points. Meaning as much as 0.75% to rates from just yesterday. I will keep an eye on things as […]

Has any of all this helped?

The federal government has done quite a bit to help facilitate low interest rates for as many American homeowners and first time buyers as possible. Well, it seems to be working on at least one level. Homeowners that refinanced during the first quarter of 09′ will save a combined $2,500,000 over just the next year […]

Party’s over???

Interest rates on Roseville mortgages and home loans have been at or near all time lows for the last 5+ months. Over the last three trading sessions of the Mortgage Backed Securities market we’ve seen the market sell off significantly. THREE technical indicators, which for months have serves as a floor for bond prices have […]

Median Home Price for Sacramento area is UP for the first time in a year and a half!

Good news for homeowners and comforting news for first time buyers in the Roseville and Sacramento area considering buying but not sure if the great home price roller coaster ride is over…. MDA Date Quick reports that median home prices in the Sacramento area increased by 5% in April from March 09′. It’s also been […]

Focus on First Timers

There’s a lot of concern about housing right now. People are wondering if the Sacramento Real Estate market has flattened out or if it’ll continue to depreciate. If I’m considering selling my home should I do it now or will it get worse before it gets better? Scared […]

MBA Press Release on Loan Mod scams…

The Mortgage Banker’s Association weighed in on the huge problem of loan modification scammers…

Take a look and you’ll see a couple of ways that this has been happening and what to avoid. You’ll notice that, just like my last post on the subject, they mentioned that these new loan mod companies popping up […]