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US Climate bill passes the house, but just barely…

I figure this is appropriate on the hottest day of 2009 (so far)…

This past week the House of Representatives passed a landmark bill that will propel our nation toward a clean energy future. The American Clean Energy and Security Act passed the House 219 – 212. It was a very close vote and now […]

Back on track!

Finally some good news for the bond market!!! The bond market is up over 100 basis points today (that is a really good thing). If we can hold on to these gains and continue the trend we may be able to see mortgage rates that start with a 4 again this year. If/when that happens […]

“Now is the time to fix the next ten years”

To achieve the $1,000,000 challenge I’ve put us up against, and help the community realize one million dollars in refundable tax credits, I’m looking for 5 Realtors each interested in working together to help 25 First Time Home Buyers become home owners and get that $8,000!

Anyone interested please give me a call ASAP. We’ve […]

Raise $1,000,000 in tax credits for First time homebuyers in Roseville and the greater Sacramento area!

That’s right, starting today my goal is to raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS in tax credits for the community and have it done by November 30th! It’s a loft goal but one I’m going to reach for… How you ask? OK, I’ll tell you. My referral partners (Top Local Realtors, Financial Planners, CPAs, etc) and I […]

Even lower down payments? A possible answer from Sacramento!

What do you think when I say “CHDAP”? Probably nothing and that’s totally normal if you’re not in the mortgage business (might even be normal if you are in the business but don’t pay attention). CHDAP used to be a way to get low and no down-payment loans… A super low rate simple interest second […]