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News on $8,000 tax credit: Looks like it’s going to be extended!

Hello everyone!

Exciting news in the Real Estate world. Both houses of the US Congress have agreed to extend the popular $8,000 First time homebuyers tax credit and the president has announced he’s eager to sign it. The new proposal would extend the deadline for the tax credit through April 30th, 2010 however the deadline […]

$8,000 tax credit has been taken advantage of, but not how you think, and the IRS is cracking down!

The $8,000 FTHB tax credit has been a great success in America. Many first time buyers have taken advantage of this great tax credit and given an indirect boost to the economy through the housing market. However, some people have taken advantage in a different way. Fraud…

I’ve come to find out that $8,000 has […]