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Fannie decides to get tough…

As I wrote back in March, “Walking away” from your mortgage? Maybe think twice, contrary to popular belief it’s already impossible to “walk away” from your home unscathed and there are plenty of reasons not to. However today government-sponsored mortgage giant Fannie Mae announced a new policy designed to encourage borrowers to work […]

This week in review (it was a crazy one!!!)

Today’s payroll flop — only 20,000 real jobs created in May — will take some time to settle all the way in. Immediately: 10-year T-notes are 3.22% (from 3.36% yesterday and 3.99% six weeks ago), and the best mortgages below 5.00%.

The payroll report has confirmation: new unemployment has held high for five months; May […]

Have you heard of the Homepath Mortgage?

Fannie Mae HomePath Financing…. Have you heard of it? If not you’re in for a nice suprise. This is a little-known program recently rolled out by mortgage giant Fannie Mae that helps them get some of the foreclosed homes sold and buyers into those same homes with a fantastic mortgage for taking it […]