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Will it ever end??? (mortgage fraud)

Just reading the news these days is dangerous. When I thought that everyone that could have been caught for this type of behaviour already has, TWO new stories pop up in the same week, right here in Roseville!

8 Indicted On Roseville Mortgage Scam Allegations Roseville Man’s guilty plea in $2.9 Million real estate Ponzi […]

Roseville/Placer County involment with Sacramento arena?

With all the news surrounding a new sports/entertainment arena complex in the old Sacramento Railyards (how can we avoid the news, it’s everywhere!) talk of a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) is being thrown around. Leaders from all of the counties adjacent to Sacramento even came together to discuss such a group two weeks […]

Credit Scoring: Reason Codes

A FICO® credit score is a performance objective score. The performance objective of the credit score is the “likelihood of a consumer to have a 90 day late on their credit report in a 24 month period”.

Here are the 20 Reason Codes (or Score Factor) that can show up on a mortgage credit report.