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Sacramento (& surrounding area) home sales up double digits!

Homes sold within Sacramento County increased by 12.5% last month per the most recent DataQuick report. 1,676 sales closed in Sacramento County in July compared to last year’s 1,490 sales.

According to the report home sales in Placer County are up by more than 10% as well (as they are in […]

Has Roseville cut out traffic tickets?

No, no it hasn’t. But it has cut them by about 85%! So far no one is complaining!

In the first half of 2011 Roseville Police issued just 1,317 traffic tickets, compared with 8,236 during the same time last year. This comes after hiring new city manager Ray Kerridge who said […]

This crazy world…

Bill Miller, chief investment officer of Legg Mason Capital Management, had this to say about Standard & Poors’ downgrading of American debt: “The action was wholly unnecessary and the timing could not have been worse. Compounding this, the reasoning was poor and consequences, both short and long term, for the global financial system […]

Bank Of America joins state’s homeowner rescue program

A few weeks ago Bank of America agreed to participate in a state-run program to reduce mortgage balances for struggling homeowners in California. This announcement makes them the 7th to do so and also the biggest mortgage lender to be part of the aid program.

BofA’s participation was almost necessary for […]

$46,000 grant awarded to Roseville Arts

This week the James Irvine Foundation awarded a $46,000 grant to Roseville Arts’ Blue Line Gallery (the original announcement of the award was a couple weeks ago). The funds will be used for creative arts programs for local youth, a big part of the gallery’s focus.

Roseville Arts’ Blue Line Gallery […]