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Roseville’s traffic nightmare “bottleneck” a thing of the past?

This is one story I could not be happier about! It’s been a long time coming and something that I thought would be done last Summer by the looks of the progress that was being made early in 2010.

While it’s late (to me) for the first time in as long […]

The big question????

The big question these days, the one people in my profession get on a near daily basis, what is it?

If you answered anything with a “how long after”, you’re probably right. The question we hear almost every day is asking how long after a foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy, or […]

Home sales up 15% in Sacramento last month…

The most recent report from Real Estate data reporting firm, DataQuick, shows the number of single-family homes sold in Sacramento County rose over 15% last month (August). The report also shows at least 10% gains in both Placer and El Dorado Counties, and over 9% in Yolo County as well.

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Roseville to grow, A LOT (over the next 30 years)

The City Of Roseville and the Placer County Board Of Supervisors recently reached an agreement on a tax-sharing deal that clears the way for a significant growth to the city. The new agreement will allow the city to expand by up to 4,700 acres and is expected to allow and many as 30,000 […]

New Mortgage Help Center in Sacramento

When it opens in a few days, Sacramento area homeowners will have a new resource in Fannie Mae’s new Mortgage Help Center. The new center will provide counseling for homeowners that owe more on their home than it is worth as well as those seeking to modify their loans. To qualify for the […]

Double-dip housing recession still doubtful

Most housing professionals and trade organizations doubt there will be a significant double-dip recession. For example, the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Economic and Mortgage Finance Forecasts, released recently, projects $1.1 trillion in residential mortgage origination volume in 2011, roughly $100 billion more than earlier forecasts, as low mortgage rates have brought in higher than […]

New refinance system being considered

The administration is now considering a new refinance program that would provide millions of homeowners with new, lower interest, lower payment mortgages…

The initiative would reportedly allow borrowers with loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to refinance at today’s rates, even if they are in negative equity or have […]