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Did you know Roseville has a new Fire Chief?

Roseville Fire Chief Marcus Reed’s first week on the job was full of new faces, moving to a new city and getting to know a new department.


Just the facts Ma’am!

Some facts about the recent Mortgage Relief agreement between the banks and, well, us…

FACT#1: The main fact here is that mortgage servicers will be required to contribute $20 billion to various forms of relief to borrowers.

FACT #2: Of said $20 billion no less than $10 billion […]

Carbon Monoxide Detector Saves Family of 8

Carbon Monoxide detectors? Maybe you know all about them, maybe you know little more about them than you have heard from the recent radio commercials trying to sell you one, or maybe this is the first time you heard of them? Well, a newly implemented bill in California is making them requirements in […]