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Roseville shelter shutting its doors due to lack of funding

Non-profit Roseville homeless shelter and transitional service center, the Gathering Inn, the only overnight program in South Placer County, has been providing assistance to homeless people in Roseville and Placer County has to close its doors at the end of this week (the 29th) due to a lack of funds.

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Jerry Brown signs California homeowner protection bill…

Last week California Governor, Jerry Brown, signed legislation to increase protections for California homeowners facing the possibility of foreclosure. Making the state the first to put into law major provisions of the national mortgage settlement (see my previous story here) reached with all but one US state and the nation’s major mortgage lenders.


Foreclosure activity CONTINUES to fall…

Foreclosure and mortgage default activity continues to fall…

If you have been reading my posts for the last few years I’ve been trying to put the media’s doom and gloom into proper prospective. YES, there have been a lot of foreclosures out there.

But homes in foreclosure today don’t […]

Weekly Update: Only 80,000 jobs? It must be the end of the world!

Last week, in the midst of writing about whether interest rates could fall any further – pontificating on how bad economic news generally results in lower interest rates and why – I was inclined to say that we’d probably reached the bottom for this cycle…and perhaps for all recorded time.

Then […]