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Another month of positive homes sales for the Sacramento region

Home sales in the Sacramento region rose yet again last month, beating the rest of the state (which also rose with us, only not as much). Over 2,400 homes sold across the region in November, up just shy of 12% year over year.

It was the fifth month in a row of over 10% gains in sales volume, with sales in Sacramento County up just shy of 13% in November alone. Placer County, less hardly hit by the downturn had been leading the way in previous months saw homes sale increase by only half a percent. A small bump but a continuing trend upward.

Most of the demand across the board was for moderately priced homes with volume being in the $200,000 and under range. Homes in the $200-300,000 range stayed about the same while sales of homes costing over $300,000 actually slowed a bit.

Foreclosure rates are still higher than we want them to be (I’d like it to be at 0) however you’ll remember in previous posts that the number today is not what matters, it’s actually almost meaningless when it comes to predicting future distressed sales, the number we need to look at is actually how many homeowners are defaulting on their mortgage payments, a number that is dropping more and more every month.

The “news” knows that what sells is fear, scary doom and gloom is what gets the most readers and hits to their website. And, while the picture is not the prettiest, it’s a lot prettier than it was in the not to distant past and much prettier still than the pictures the promoters of fear want to sell you.

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