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ANOTHER movie theater in Roseville???

Yep, another one. Sure Roseville is the largest suburb of Sacramento not named Elk Grove and is still growing (albeit much slower than year’s past) but do we really need FOUR 10+ screen movie theater complexes? Cinemark USA is planning a 52,000 square foot 14 screen movie complex and an almost 800,000 square foot entertainment complex is North-West Roseville.

The 59 acre project located at 9000 Washington Blvd (corner of Blue Oaks and Washington, right at the Blue Oaks exit to Highway 65) is to contain restaurants, retail, a hotel, as well as office space. The plans were submitted to the planning department on December 2nd and, as of press, nothing has been reviewed in depth by the city.

Four you ask? Yep, there will be four large theater complexes in Roseville if/when this is completed. OK, I guess you can say the newly-opened Blue Oaks Cinema 16 is in Rocklin, because it’s address is, but it’s actually right on the border of Roseville and Rocklin and if you don’t pay close enough attention to the signs you don’t know when you are in which city right there. Adding the new huge theater makes an area that had to go to The Cinadomes in Citrus Heights, or the $1 mini-movie theater that used to be on Harding, to see the major movies of the day have FOUR large and modern complexes with a combined 60 screens!


1 comment to ANOTHER movie theater in Roseville???

  • Eric

    Well when you add the populations of Roseville, Rocklin, and Lincoln…you have around 230,000 people. Folsom and El Dorado Hills have around 75,000 people…and they have 3 movie theatres. Roseville alone is still on track to nearly double, Rocklin still has a little bit more to grow, and Lincoln could go forever. Plus the new theatre in Rocklin has been getting terrible reviews, and Cinemark cancelled their original project where Chili’s and Johnny Garlic’s are now, but I guess decided they want to build over there after all.

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