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Carbon Monoxide Detector Saves Family of 8

Carbon Monoxide detectors? Maybe you know all about them, maybe you know little more about them than you have heard from the recent radio commercials trying to sell you one, or maybe this is the first time you heard of them? Well, a newly implemented bill in California is making them requirements in pretty much all of our homes, whether we own or rent (landlords are required to install them in their rental properties), and it’s a good thing…

A Roseville family may have been saved by a carbon monoxide detector they recently installed after the alarm alerted them to the killer gas last week in their home on Vernon Oaks Drive.

When the Roseville Fire Department arrived they found all eight members of the household in their front yard. It was then determined that the detector was doing its job as there were lethal levels of the gas in the house. PG&E determined the cause of the gas leak was a fireplace that was not adequately vented. Luckily no one suffered any symptoms of any kind.

Roseville Police’s press release on carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide detectors here

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