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Comstock Mortgage is now fully VA approved!

Hello everyone,

For years we’ve been serving the greater Sacramento area real estate world in the best way any company can, with all of the products and tools anyone would possibly need to obtain the best possible financing for their homes. But we still have to act as broker for a few loan products that we were not able to do in-house. This is not a problem, it’s the same issue every mortgage broker has to face on every one of their loans, but we as a locally-owned mortgage banker, do not have to deal with on the vast majority of ours. One exception was VA financing. A great product that we do a lot of for our clients, but one we had to broker to another bank to close. Taking the control of turntimes, underwriting, and closing out of our hands.

In 2010 Comstock Mortgage submitted our application for authority to close VA Loan “in-house”.  After a long awaited decision, we have finally received the news that our VA application has been APPROVED.  What a great way to start 2011!!!!

Now we can turn our in-house underwriting, docs, and closing, 24 hour turntimes, as well as all the other benefits of closing loans in house that we already provide to the real estate world for Conventional, FHA, USDA/Rural, and other in-house products to VA buyers as well. All the details are just now being rolled out and we should have the Comstock Mortgage VA financing available very soon!

I’ll be keeping an eye out to see (make sure) this product can be combined with our ‘Return To Homeownership’ Down Payment Assistance Grant program, as I expect it will…


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