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Fannie Mae brings back closing cost assistance, and improves it even more!

I have some GREAT news. Government-chartered mortgage giant, Fannie Mae announced they are bringing back closing cost assistance to buyers of HomePath-eligible homes. People buying one of the Fannie Mae owned REO’s will receive a 3.5% credit towards closing costs. In most cases this 3.5% should be enough to cover 100% of the buyer’s costs, or even buy the interest rate down further! HomePath is already a GREAT program for local homebuyers, especially those with decent to above average credit. These loans already…

homepath renovation mortgageA.) require a smaller down payment than even FHA (3% compared to 3.5%)

B.) require no appraisal, saving $400-$500 as compared to pretty much any other loan

C.) have no Mortgage Insurance premium added on to the payment, realizing a significant saving over other low-down options

To qualify for the credit the offer must be submitted by 4.11.10 and escrow has to close no later than 6.30.11.  to be eligible for the incentive. Also, while HomePath is available to investors (with at least a 10% down payment) ,the 3.5% closing credit is only available to people intending to live in the property as their primary residence.

“Terry Edwards, VP of Fannie Mae’s Credit Portfolio Management team said “attracting qualified buyers to the market and reducing the inventory of vacant homes remains essential to stabilizing neighborhoods and helping the market recover. Since interest rates remain low, the incentive will go a long way toward helping even more families buy a new home so this is a great time for Fannie Mae to offer some assistance.”

To find a list of HomePath eligible homes give me a call/e-mail or check it out yourself at You can also ask your Realtor to do a search for HomePath homes for you (if you need a referral to a top-quality Realtor in your area let me know). I see a lot of these properties in the Sacramento and Roseville real estate markets. The lists are updated with new properties as they come to the market.

 Fannie’s Press Release


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