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Fannie Mae Announces Plans For New Foreclosure Program To Help First Time Buyers Compete With Investors!

Mortgage giant and GSE (Government Sponsored Entity) Fannie Mae recently announced plans for a new program that will allow “regular” homebuyers to compete with all the cash investors out there currently buying a lot of the most affordable real estate in the Sacramento market. The new program, named “First Look”, makes it so that only offers from potential owner-occupants will be able considered for the first 15 days after a property is listed.

Of course Fannie does not control everything and this will only apply to foreclosed homes that are currently in the agency’s possession but that is a big chunk of the foreclosure market and this program may make a difference. As many of you may know it’s been difficult for many people trying to buy their first home to have as they continue to lose bidding wars with cash investors. The program will also help buyers in this part of the market by accepting offers with as little as $500 in earnest money deposits, and making the process of renegotiating after a low appraisal easier.

The other GSE, Freddie Mac, says they have plans for a similar program but have not announced any detials so far.

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