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FHA fund is healthier than expected

This month the FHA has reported to Congress that the MMI Fund (Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund), the backbone of its mortgage programs and what makes FHA mortgages possible, is going to return to its mandated capital reserve level faster than previously expected.

Currently the MMI Fund’s capital reserve ratio is 0.24% but that it would return to its mandated sooner than actuaries last predicted. “As was the case last year, the new actuarial study shows that FHA is expected to sustain significant losses from loans insured prior to 2009, and thus its capital reserve remains below the congressionally mandated threshold of 2% of total insurance-in-force,” an FHA official said. “However, the actuaries’ report concludes that, barring a further significant downturn in home prices, the MMI Fund will start to rebuild capital in 2012, and return to a level of 2% by 2014; outpacing last year’s prediction.”

“In the midst of a tough housing market the FHA MMI Fund continues to be actuarial sound.

“Because of the Obama administration’s strategy to protect the FHA Fund – tightening of risk controls, increased premiums to stabilize near-term finances and expanded loss mitigation assistance to avoid unnecessary claims – this past year’s endorsements had the highest credit quality ever recorded and will yield historically high levels of net receipts in the years ahead.”

The availability of FHA loans is a high part of our housing market and economy, both nationally and locally, and the health of the MMI Fund is also an important part of the housing market and greater economy. This is good news for both of those thing as well and, while we won’t see a more normal real estate market or economy for a while still, more and more news like this tells us the tide is turning!


P.S. The FHA has never received any sort of taxpayer bailout! The MMI Fund keeps it solvent and without the need for any sort of congressional assistance. Truly an American success story…

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