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Has Roseville cut out traffic tickets?

No, no it hasn’t. But it has cut them by about 85%! So far no one is complaining!

In the first half of 2011 Roseville Police issued just 1,317 traffic tickets, compared with 8,236 during the same time last year. This comes after hiring new city manager Ray Kerridge who said he wants police to focus on long-term solutions and not feel pressured to write tickets. Nor does he want drivers to feel ambushed by speed traps, a complaint I’ve heard about Roseville for years (even though after living her for the last quarter decade I have yet to even see a speed trap, not to mention get caught in one).

Roseville PD officers are now assigned dangerous areas and asked to be creative, consulting with community leaders and traffic engineers if need be.

“If collisions are high at one intersection, tell me how to solve that,” Roseville Police Chief Daniel Hahn says. “It might be red lights, or erecting a median, or simply beefing up presence at certain hours.” And “well, the whole time you’re doing that, that you’re not writing tickets, you’re solving the problem. You’re permanently solving the problem,”

So far the results have been great with accidents down more than 7% in the first half of the year.

Something else that makes this to the people of Roseville? With fewer tickets and fewer accidents comes more affordable auto insurance! Why not do this everywhere? As the police chief in Roseville emphasized: The ultimate goal is public safety. But saving a few bucks on my insurance bill isn’t too bad either…


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