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I’ve moved (and its a good thing for both of us)

Yes, I decided to make a move. A few years ago I had found a home in Innerwork Mortgage right here in Roseville that was great for me and allowed me to service my clients and real estate partners as good as, if not better than, anyone else in the market. That was somewhat short-lived when Innerwork was bought out/merged with another company and we had to start all over.

I spent a year with the new, merged, company and for the most part it was good. At first anyways. After a while my ability to service my clients and partners was not up to my high standards and, try as I might to make the changes needed to make the system meet my standards, it just wasn’t happening. I gave it a full year and decided to should start talking to some other mortgage bankers to see if there was something that would suit me better and allow me to provide the kind of service I am known for and demand of myself.paramount-equity-8781-sierra-college-blvd-roseville-mortgage

After a long search, talking to and spending considerable time reviewing the operations and systems at more than 10 Roseville mortgage companies, I have found a new home! I am happy and proud to say I am the newest Mortgage Consultant at Paramount Equity as part of the “Paramount Partners” Roseville branch!

Yep, the company with the radio ads…

I know many of you think of Paramount Equity only as a refinance-focused lender, and I thought the same thing as well, however nothing can be further from the truth (otherwise you know I would not have come on board here). Yes, saving families money through refinancing their mortgage is a big part of what Paramount Equity does, but at my branch we are more focused on purchase transactions, working with the local real estate community to support getting buyers into homes.

I will continue to focus on helping people purchase homes and support my real estate partners as I always have done. With a focus on great service and education to my clients, speed and efficient transaction, and transparency with the Realtors that are involved with the escrow. And I am certain that Paramount Equity is the place that will allow me to do these things in a way that meets the highest of standards!

Give me a call with any questions or if I can help in any way. I’ve been over here for two weeks now and am ready to rock and roll!

-Greg Cowart
(916) 412-3313



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