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Jack’s Urban Eats coming to Roseville

New quality and affordable food in Roseville… The old Applebee’s on Sierra College Blvd (in the Safeway shopping center) is being converted into a Jack’s Urban Eats. The restaurant had been closed for two years.

As one of the original employees, Trevor Sanders (brother of Roseville’s own Olympic gold medalist, Summer Sanders) brought a lot of the Jamba Juice stores into the Sacramento market before selling them back to the company. Now he is working as a partner with Jack’s Urban Eats to expand the brand. He was part of a similar partnership a few years ago when he bought a Dos Coyotes franchise on 65th St in Sacramento.

Jack’s Urban Eats is a counter service restaurant where quality prepared food is assembled quickly for people standing in line, very similar to the Galleria’s Pluto’s in my opinion. Menu variations range from sandwiches to salads, roasted or grilled meats, and sides like mashed potatoes and gravy. The Roseville location will be the sixth, all of which are in the Sacramento area, and should be open by July 2011.

“With this concept, it is cheaper for people to eat out than it is for them to go to the store,” said Sanders. While I don’t think that is 100% true, it certainly can be!

Now, bring a Jack’s to my side of town so i can go there more often! I love Plutos for fresh, somewhat healthy, and affordable food but don’t love having to go into the Galleria just to eat there.


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