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Roseville Market Data: Dec 2011

The median sales price for homes in Roseville CA for the period of Sep 11 to Nov 11, 2011 was $253,000. This represents an increase of 3.3%, or $8,000, compared to the prior quarter, however median sales price simply isn’t as much of a telling statistic as most of the media portrays it to be and in my opinion tells us nothing about the direction of actual property values, only where the most activity in the market is. As you can see from this ever volitle chart.

The average listing price for Roseville homes for sale was $300,389 for the week ending Dec 28 (according to For what that is worth.

Average price per square foot for a sold home in Roseville has been flat all year at about $133, where it ended the year (but it was close to that all year and hasn’t really changed all that much since the big drop of 2008).

This is my first shot as detailed, hyper-local (Roseville) market data. It should get better over time but let me know how you like it in the meantime.



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