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Roseville to grow, A LOT (over the next 30 years)

The City Of Roseville and the Placer County Board Of Supervisors recently reached an agreement on a tax-sharing deal that clears the way for a significant growth to the city. The new agreement will allow the city to expand by up to 4,700 acres and is expected to allow and many as 30,000 new homes to be built in the city of Roseville over the next 20-30 years.

The deal was unanimously approved by the board Tuesday. The Roseville City Council is expected to take up the item in October. Once it has been finalized it will clear the way for more than $150 million in infrastructure improvement to Sierra Vista and Creek View, the sites of most of the new development, and Reason Farm Environmental Preserve which will be retained as a preserve.

The agreement also allows Placer County to support annexation of the 4,700 acres by the City Of Roseville in exchange for nearly $20 million in annual property/sales tax dollars once all the land has been developed.

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