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Roseville’s traffic nightmare “bottleneck” a thing of the past?

This is one story I could not be happier about! It’s been a long time coming and something that I thought would be done last Summer by the looks of the progress that was being made early in 2010.

While it’s late (to me) for the first time in as long as most of us can remember Roseville’s bottleneck is about to become thing of the past.

The ‘I-80 Capacity and Operational Improvements project’ is almost completed and much of it (the 1st and 2nd phase) are already completed as of this week. The third phase of the project will extend new freeway lanes from Miners Ravine to about a mile east of Highway 65. The final phase should be done by the middle of October.

The completion of the expansion means a total of six East-bound traffic lanes, one being a carpool lane and another an auxiliary lane, are open between Riverside/Auburn Blvd and just past the Eureka Road exit. West-bound lanes will be extended to the same amount once the project is fully completed.

An average of 165,000 cars and trucks pass through the bottleneck area every day…

To see more on this project and other goings-on in Placer County transportation use this link: LINK

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1 comment to Roseville’s traffic nightmare “bottleneck” a thing of the past?

  • Now that this is fully completed I can’t be happier. Getting through this area is a breeze and one of the only things I didn’t like about Roseville (the traffic bottleneck on 80) is a thing of the past! A great thing for productivity and the local economy in Roseville!!!

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