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FHA fund is healthier than expected

This month the FHA has reported to Congress that the MMI Fund (Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund), the backbone of its mortgage programs and what makes FHA mortgages possible, is going to return to its mandated capital reserve level faster than previously expected.

Currently the MMI Fund’s capital reserve ratio is 0.24% […]

Home sales up 15% in Sacramento last month…

The most recent report from Real Estate data reporting firm, DataQuick, shows the number of single-family homes sold in Sacramento County rose over 15% last month (August). The report also shows at least 10% gains in both Placer and El Dorado Counties, and over 9% in Yolo County as well.

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Maximum Loan Limits are going down (but that is OK)…

If you have heard about the coming expiration of temporary higher loan limits for FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac mortgages put into place in 2008 as an attempt to not let the housing market in higher priced areas fall off a cliff, you may have heard reports of doom and gloom […]

The Platinum Down Payment Assistance Grant

Almost no money down, literally? Yes, it’s true, and there are only a few places that can offer this program. What I’m talking about is the CHF Platinum Program (some companies have decided to rename it their own name to make it seem like something special only they can do for you, such […]

Fannie Mae brings back closing cost assistance, and improves it even more!

I have some GREAT news. Government-chartered mortgage giant, Fannie Mae announced they are bringing back closing cost assistance to buyers of HomePath-eligible homes. People buying one of the Fannie Mae owned REO’s will receive a 3.5% credit towards closing costs. In most cases this 3.5% should be enough to cover 100% of the […]

Housing in the US never as “undervalued” as it is today…

Continued depreciation of property values in 2010 has made housing more undervalued relative to income than ever before. Using the latest Case-Shiller home price index American housing was 21% undervalued when compared with disposable income per-capita.

This data includes the index published by the Federal Housing Finance Agency and shows that […]

Neither the best of times, nor the worst of times…

This is a great article by one of our nation’s top independent financial professionals, Ric Edleman. Ric talks about today’s real estate market, the different perspective between buyers and sellers, and why this difference may be slowing down the normal real estate cycle.

Ric’s article <- click

I am pleased to announce a new Down Payment Assistance Grant Program being offered by Comstock Mortgage

I am very pleased to announce a new Down Payment Assistance Grant Program being offered by Comstock Mortgage. It is our Return to Homeownership Program and, as opposed to many community-lending products from agencies like SHRA and CalHFA this grant is not only for first time homebuyers and is actually a grant, not a 2nd […]

Comstock Mortgage is now fully VA approved!

Hello everyone,

For years we’ve been serving the greater Sacramento area real estate world in the best way any company can, with all of the products and tools anyone would possibly need to obtain the best possible financing for their homes. But we still have to act as broker for a […]

Local Mortgage Delinquencies Are Down

Good news? In this world? No way! I thought it was all doom and gloom…

For seven straight months mortgages delinquencies have fallen, even while the rate of homes in the foreclosure process and those repossessed by banks climbed. According to CoreLogic Systems, the firm that tracks the rate of delinquency for all homes […]