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HARP 2.0: The Facts!

With more than 11 million homeowners underwater on their mortgages, 2008’s HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) mortgage has been updated to allow more homeowners to refinance their mortgages, taking advantage of today’s historically low interest rates. AKA: HARP 2.0…

The first edition of HARP was a great idea, in theory anyways. […]

Fannie & Freddie making important policy changes…

If you’re unemployed and in danger of going into default on your mortgage the nation’s Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE’s), Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, are making some important changes to their foreclosure and forbearance (when the bank suspends collection of payments for a period of time, kind of like a timeout on making […]

Bank Of America joins state’s homeowner rescue program

A few weeks ago Bank of America agreed to participate in a state-run program to reduce mortgage balances for struggling homeowners in California. This announcement makes them the 7th to do so and also the biggest mortgage lender to be part of the aid program.

BofA’s participation was almost necessary for […]

Credit Makeover In Five Steps

My friends at local credit repair agency, Blue Water Credit Repair, gave me this GREAT five step path to a credit makeover. While I know all of this myself I can’t take credit for putting it into words (and Blue Water taught me a bit of this stuff anyways). Here you go, a free five […]

Is the “loan mod” business dead? Is that a bad thing?

As of January 31, 2011; the FTC has banned consulting firms from charging up-front fees for negotiating modifications of residential mortgage loans. In Nevada, the Mortgage Lending Commissioner said the constraints of the federal rule “will have substantial impact” on the number of licensed consultants for mortgage loan modifications. His office counts 39 […]

Top 10 rules for handling collection agencies

1. Realize that Credit collection agents are usually working on commissions. This is a JOB to them and the more they get you to pay, the larger their paycheck. They will be persistent and more often than not MEAN, be prepared.

2. Don’t argue with the agent, because you will lose. This is what the […]

“We want to streamline and standardize the short sale process”

News on the short-sale front? News straight from Washington? It looks like the long rumored short sale streamline process is finally on it’s way. This could be big news for Sacramento and the entire California Real Estate Market. Check out all the information in this article from the NY Times.

The Long & Short

In today’s “real world” a short sail should be a no-brainer. A win-win for all parties. Allowing the seller to avoid foreclosure, the buyer to get a great deal on the sale of the home, and the bank to get out of the deal without the considerable loss and expense of foreclosure proceedings. While the […]

Sacramento Ca, leads the way in battling Loan Mod scammers in “Operation Loan Lies”

I don’t have too much for today’s post (there’s a lot coming this week) but look at this press release from the Federal Trade Commission on “Operation Loan Lies”; the new project to reign in on the loan modification industry. An industry that, if you read my blog often you know, I don’t think highly […]

MBA Press Release on Loan Mod scams…

The Mortgage Banker’s Association weighed in on the huge problem of loan modification scammers…

Take a look and you’ll see a couple of ways that this has been happening and what to avoid. You’ll notice that, just like my last post on the subject, they mentioned that these new loan mod companies popping up […]