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The Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM)… What is it?

What is an EEM and is it even relevant in the world of real estate in the Roseville/Rocklin area or greater Sacramento?

Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing, today’s reality is that many of us should consider making energy conservation improvements to our homes. Most homes can benefit from energy upgrades.

New refinance system being considered

The administration is now considering a new refinance program that would provide millions of homeowners with new, lower interest, lower payment mortgages…

The initiative would reportedly allow borrowers with loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to refinance at today’s rates, even if they are in negative equity or have […]

Credit Makeover In Five Steps

My friends at local credit repair agency, Blue Water Credit Repair, gave me this GREAT five step path to a credit makeover. While I know all of this myself I can’t take credit for putting it into words (and Blue Water taught me a bit of this stuff anyways). Here you go, a free five […]

SB 1275 Fails in Assembly Vote

California Assembly Bill: SB 1275, which would have a negative impact on lender/servicers in California, and ultimately mortgage borrowers in the state, failed this morning on a reconsideration vote in the State Assembly. The bill failed 29-36, and is not expected to be revived. A number of organizations, including the California Mortgage Broker’s Association, opposed […]

FAQ : Applying for the CA Tax Credit after Escrow Closing

1. I applied for the 2009 New Home Credit, but didn’t get it since the money ran out. Can I apply now since there is more money available?

No. The 2010 New Home / First-Time Buyer Credits are only available for purchases which close escrow on […]

Federal Tax Credit is gone BUT….

The Federal $8,000 homebuyer tax credit is gone for those that did not get into contract to buy a home by April 30th, 2010. However to help stimulate home sales, the state government is offering tax credits for Californians purchasing their piece of the American dream. The federal law offered up to $8,000 for first-time […]

Many Service Members Get An Extra Year For Tax Credit

Many members of the military, foreign service, & intelligence communities have one more year to purchase a home and claim the $8,000/$6,500 home buyer tax credit.

Any service member who is or has been on extended duty for 90 days or more between January 1st 2009 to April 30th 2010, has until April 30th […]

(a little levity from the Real Estate / Mortgage world)

– All borrowers’ birth certificates will be required with pictures taken in the hospital with medical staff. Birth certificate with a live home delivery will not be eligible for first time home buyers.

– Marriage certificate with bridal dress will be required if both husband and wife are required to qualify for the loan.

– […]

“Walking away” from your mortgage? Maybe think twice…

With so many homeowners underwater I hear daily about people “walking away” from their homes, as if it was such an easy decision to make. Maybe it is? With it becoming so commonplace these days maybe it is an easy decision to walk away from your home and mortgage when you owe more […]

Foreclosure vs Short-sale… Are you being fed bad information???

A lot people call me each month to let me know that a short sale is much better on your credit than a foreclosure and that it will not delay buying another home. While it is true that a short sale can be a little easier on your credit score, it will be treated the […]