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Roseville Market Data: Dec 2011

The median sales price for homes in Roseville CA for the period of Sep 11 to Nov 11, 2011 was $253,000. This represents an increase of 3.3%, or $8,000, compared to the prior quarter, however median sales price simply isn’t as much of a telling statistic as most of the media portrays it […]

Another month of positive homes sales for the Sacramento region

Home sales in the Sacramento region rose yet again last month, beating the rest of the state (which also rose with us, only not as much). Over 2,400 homes sold across the region in November, up just shy of 12% year over year.

It was the fifth month in a […]

FHA fund is healthier than expected

This month the FHA has reported to Congress that the MMI Fund (Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund), the backbone of its mortgage programs and what makes FHA mortgages possible, is going to return to its mandated capital reserve level faster than previously expected.

Currently the MMI Fund’s capital reserve ratio is 0.24% […]

Monthly sales up month after month after month, in every local county!

A quarter of monthly double digit sales increases? Might be hard to believe with all the bad news we’re bombarded with every day, but it is 100% true. It’s been three straight months of at least 10% sales increases, that’s monthly, for the greater Sacramento area.

1,746 homes were sold in […]

Roseville to grow, A LOT (over the next 30 years)

The City Of Roseville and the Placer County Board Of Supervisors recently reached an agreement on a tax-sharing deal that clears the way for a significant growth to the city. The new agreement will allow the city to expand by up to 4,700 acres and is expected to allow and many as 30,000 […]

Double-dip housing recession still doubtful

Most housing professionals and trade organizations doubt there will be a significant double-dip recession. For example, the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Economic and Mortgage Finance Forecasts, released recently, projects $1.1 trillion in residential mortgage origination volume in 2011, roughly $100 billion more than earlier forecasts, as low mortgage rates have brought in higher than […]

Sacramento (& surrounding area) home sales up double digits!

Homes sold within Sacramento County increased by 12.5% last month per the most recent DataQuick report. 1,676 sales closed in Sacramento County in July compared to last year’s 1,490 sales.

According to the report home sales in Placer County are up by more than 10% as well (as they are in […]

Foreclosure Activity In the Sacramento Region Down More Than 20%

Foreclosure activity in the greater Sacramento real estate market is down more than 20% for the first six months of 2011. This closely follows a deep trend in decreasing foreclosure filings around the country…

According to real estate data company RealtyTrac, Notice Of Default (or NOD) filings dropped to 21,721 for […]

Maximum Loan Limits are going down (but that is OK)…

If you have heard about the coming expiration of temporary higher loan limits for FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac mortgages put into place in 2008 as an attempt to not let the housing market in higher priced areas fall off a cliff, you may have heard reports of doom and gloom […]

The Platinum Down Payment Assistance Grant

Almost no money down, literally? Yes, it’s true, and there are only a few places that can offer this program. What I’m talking about is the CHF Platinum Program (some companies have decided to rename it their own name to make it seem like something special only they can do for you, such […]