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Real Estate News: Does it mean what it looks like?

I puzzled over a bit of seemingly self-negating information Tuesday. Housing starts in the month of March declined by a striking 5.8%. This takes some of the wind out of our sails. Obviously, we don’t get to continue moving toward a sustainable recovery on a straight, easy-to-negotiate path, it’s a little more complicated […]

Another month of positive homes sales for the Sacramento region

Home sales in the Sacramento region rose yet again last month, beating the rest of the state (which also rose with us, only not as much). Over 2,400 homes sold across the region in November, up just shy of 12% year over year.

It was the fifth month in a […]

Monthly sales up month after month after month, in every local county!

A quarter of monthly double digit sales increases? Might be hard to believe with all the bad news we’re bombarded with every day, but it is 100% true. It’s been three straight months of at least 10% sales increases, that’s monthly, for the greater Sacramento area.

1,746 homes were sold in […]

Roseville Homes Fitted With Water Meters

Roseville’s project of retrofitting 16,000 homes with water meters has finally come to an end. Mayor Roccucci installed the final meter at a celebratory event calling the ten year project completed. “Becoming a fully metered city helps define Roseville and the region as leaders in water use efficiency in this state,” said the […]

Home sales up 15% in Sacramento last month…

The most recent report from Real Estate data reporting firm, DataQuick, shows the number of single-family homes sold in Sacramento County rose over 15% last month (August). The report also shows at least 10% gains in both Placer and El Dorado Counties, and over 9% in Yolo County as well.

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Roseville to grow, A LOT (over the next 30 years)

The City Of Roseville and the Placer County Board Of Supervisors recently reached an agreement on a tax-sharing deal that clears the way for a significant growth to the city. The new agreement will allow the city to expand by up to 4,700 acres and is expected to allow and many as 30,000 […]

Sacramento (& surrounding area) home sales up double digits!

Homes sold within Sacramento County increased by 12.5% last month per the most recent DataQuick report. 1,676 sales closed in Sacramento County in July compared to last year’s 1,490 sales.

According to the report home sales in Placer County are up by more than 10% as well (as they are in […]

This crazy world…

Bill Miller, chief investment officer of Legg Mason Capital Management, had this to say about Standard & Poors’ downgrading of American debt: “The action was wholly unnecessary and the timing could not have been worse. Compounding this, the reasoning was poor and consequences, both short and long term, for the global financial system […]

What does the debt ceiling have to do with your mortgage interest tax deduction?

While the Congress tries to find a solution to the debt ceiling mess, even though it has nothing to do with the debt ceiling what-so-ever, higher ups in Washington are trying to bring the mortgage interest deduction into the conversation. Opinions differ from those that want to get rid of it entirely, to […]

Positivity, a message from the Roseville Vice-Mayor

In a recent Press Tribune article explaining a recent 3% pay increase for certain city employees Roseville Vice-Mayor Susan Rohan confirmed some of the things I’ve been telling everyone (that is willing to listen) about Roseville of late…


Here are a few words from the article.

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