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Another sign: Commercial office vacancy is down for the first time in a long time

The Sacramento area’s commercial/office vacancy rate has improved from a record high at the beginning of the year. The 2nd quarter rate is still quite high, still about 23%, and the improvement was not a major one, only about 1%, but it is improvement.

Current data shows there is still […]

Meet the Gardening Experts at Water Awareness Day

If you love to garden and are tired of maintaining your water-thirsty plants, be sure to join us at the second annual Water Awareness Day event on Saturday, March 19 at the Roseville Utility Exploration Center, 1501 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Visitors will meet with local gardening, landscape and irrigation design experts to learn […]

Neither the best of times, nor the worst of times…

This is a great article by one of our nation’s top independent financial professionals, Ric Edleman. Ric talks about today’s real estate market, the different perspective between buyers and sellers, and why this difference may be slowing down the normal real estate cycle.

Ric’s article <- click

Comstock Mortgage is now fully VA approved!

Hello everyone,

For years we’ve been serving the greater Sacramento area real estate world in the best way any company can, with all of the products and tools anyone would possibly need to obtain the best possible financing for their homes. But we still have to act as broker for a […]

Little-Known Facts About Your Credit Report & Credit Reporting And What “They” Don’t Tell You

Home ownership is one of the keys to building wealth! But, almost 98% of home buyers need a mortgage loan in order to buy a home for their family—or purchase rental property.

The first thing and I mean the VERY FIRST THING, that lenders look at is your credit report. Believe me when I […]

How crazy is it?


Just a quick look at last week’s mortgage bond market. Up and down (red is bad) in huge strokes all week long. I hope you see how important it is to work with a mortgage professional that not only has access to this data, but understands how to use it to your advantage. […]

HUD making major changes… Are they good or bad for future homeowners?

I received a letter from the federal department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) informing me that there are going to be sweeping changes to the FHA mortgage insurance program starting next month. This is something that has been talked about for some time but nothing had been finalized. The major change is in FHA’s […]

FAQ : Applying for the CA Tax Credit after Escrow Closing

1. I applied for the 2009 New Home Credit, but didn’t get it since the money ran out. Can I apply now since there is more money available?

No. The 2010 New Home / First-Time Buyer Credits are only available for purchases which close escrow on […]

This week in review (it was a crazy one!!!)

Today’s payroll flop — only 20,000 real jobs created in May — will take some time to settle all the way in. Immediately: 10-year T-notes are 3.22% (from 3.36% yesterday and 3.99% six weeks ago), and the best mortgages below 5.00%.

The payroll report has confirmation: new unemployment has held high for five months; May […]

(a little levity from the Real Estate / Mortgage world)

– All borrowers’ birth certificates will be required with pictures taken in the hospital with medical staff. Birth certificate with a live home delivery will not be eligible for first time home buyers.

– Marriage certificate with bridal dress will be required if both husband and wife are required to qualify for the loan.

– […]